When it comes to S.E.X. there should never be an S.O.S.! Sex isn’t always planned, and let’s be honest, the best sex probably isn’t. Wherever you may be, and whoever you may be with, make sure your prepared when the mood strikes. Because there’s nothing less sexy than worrying about being sexy. Keep reading for our Emergency Sex Kit must-haves to keep handy when things start getting handsy!

Cleanse With Benefits

Date night’s best friend—with benefits! Slip these pH-balanced cleansing wipes in your bag so you’re always ready for mind-blowing pleasure, no matter where the day (or night!) may take you. Formulated to keep you feeling fresh, these wipes also have a sexy little secret: they’re infused with ingredients that leave behind a tantalizing tingle on your most intimate areas.

Basic Instinct

There’s nothing that ensures an impromptu rendezvous like Basic Instinct! Infused with pheromones, this roll-on formula reacts to your body chemistry to create a fragrance that’s unique to you. Plus, it’s unisex and layers effortlessly with your favorite lotions and scents. Roll it on your wrists, behind your ears, and over other pulse points before you hit the town to guarantee you’ll get down.


This addition might be a little obvious but it’s an important one to mention! No Emergency Sex Kit could be complete without condoms to ensure that you’re protected from STI’s, pregnancy, or harmful bacteria. If you’re with a trusted partner or trying to get pregnant, feel free to leave condoms out of the equation.

Just Like Me Lubricant

Even in the heat of the moment, sometimes our bodies need help warming up. Lacking moisture down there doesn’t mean that you aren’t in the mood, but it can make sex painful if you disregard it. Just Like Me is a light, water-based and pH-balanced lubricant that is carefully formulated to imitate vaginal moisture. The best part? You don’t even need to take it with you! You can apply a small dab of Just Like Me hours ahead of time and its rewetting formula will ensure that your timing is always right.

Hidden Agenda

The best part of our Emergency Sex Kit is that no one needs to know you’re carrying one around. Just like the rest of the products on our list, this little toy is small and discreet. But it packs a lot of heat! All in the name, Hidden Agenda is a sexy secret for two. Featuring a wireless wristband, you can watch your partner melt from across the room. Or make date night a truly intimate affair with the push of a button. This versatile vibe can tease the vulva, clitoris, testicles, nipples, and more with 12 breathtaking speeds and pulsing patterns for any situation.


Comfortable enough to wear under clothes, but va-va-voom enough for when the clothes come off, Bow-tied Plunging Teddy shows off your best asset—you! Featuring flexible fabric to hug every curve and flirty lace to accent your décolletage, this floral lace and satin bodysuit is the perfect pairing for an unplanned playdate. But let’s be honest, if you’re wearing this, you planned ahead.

Whether you’re preparing for the night or ready for anything, make sure you always have your Emergency Sex Kit with you for any scenario!