We’re currently in the era of Peak TV. Bigger action, bigger emotion – bigger everything. It used to be that we had three channels and could get a fourth if we got out the aluminum foil and held the antenna at just the right angle.

But times have changed.

Cable networks now push the limits of what they can show as they work to compete with the beast that is streaming (and there seems to be a new one every other day!) So along with more emotional, more engaging, and more action-packed moments, we also get more sexier moments on TV than we ever have before.

Here are some of our favorite TV sex scenes.

“House of the Dragon” (HBO)

Rhaenyra & Ser Criston (S1.E4)

“Game of Thrones” was somewhat notorious for its sex scenes. And its prequel series, “House of the Dragon,” seems like it may live up to its predecessor.

One of the first real sex scenes of the series involves Princess Rhaenyra and her personal bodyguard Sir Criston Cole. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this is a major no-no.

In the first few episodes, we watch Sir Criston embarrass the King’s brother in a tournament, see Rhaenyra handpick him for the royal guard, and then witness their will they/won’t they glances over several time jumps.

In episode 4 it finally happens. After sneaking though a secret passage for a (questionable) night out on the town, Rhaenyra returns a changed woman. She has seen the deep, dark parts of the city, and it has awoken the (metaphorical) dragon inside of her. Now she’s ready dive into the forbidden and have her way with the very good-looking man with a sword (both literal and metaphorical) who stands outside her door. Get it, girl.

The scene starts playful, as the princess teases her sworn protector by playing keep-away with his helmet and then stealing a kiss. You can sense the battle inside of him as he debates sticking to his oath versus giving in to what he longs to do.

When he finally surrenders to his desire – and they get all that armor off – they finally put to bed all that tension that’s built up over the years. What follows is a mix of youthful playfulness and eager passion (as well as some crafty camerawork) as these two characters give into something they long for.

“Elite” (Netflix)

Mencía and Rebe (S4.E5)

Chocolate and sex are already two of the best things in the world. But what if you get a little chocolate in your sex? A little sex in your chocolate? That’s exactly what Mencía and Rebe found out on Netlfix’s “Elite.

This Spanish-language series focuses on an exclusive private school, the teen drama therein, and, of course, sex, crime, and murder.

Mencía and Rebe orbit around each other much of the fourth season, having romantic moments as they deal with the complications of high school, parents, and secretly being a prostitute at the same club your girlfriend’s mom works at.

This scene starts a little tense, as Mencía is texting a problematic client, annoying Rebe. But Mencía manages to break the tension by smearing Rebe’s face with a bit of chocolate sauce. As things heat up, the chocolate ends up in many more places. It’s a fun and playful scene that ends with the two of them laughing and holding each other, both very much in need of a shower.

“Westworld” (HBO)

Maeve & Hector (S1.E9)

Ok, this one might take “hot” a little too seriously.

In the (not too) distant future of “Westworld,” the rise of artificial intelligence is in full swing – and humans use it to play cowboy. Looting, shooting, carousing are all is acceptable in the robot Disneyland of “Westworld.” Throughout the park are robotic AI “hosts” going about their scripted lives, providing guests the chance to live out their wildest western dreams.

Two such hosts are Hector and Maeve. Hector is the rugged bank robber who provides the chance to ride along with his crew and explore all things low-down and dirty. Maeve is the local madam who also offers guests an opportunity to partake in the low-down and dirty, but in a different way.

The two have a few brushes throughout the first season, as their memories are reset over and over by the staff of the park, until finally (as inevitably happens whenever robots are involved), they figure out the world they live in is fake – and now they want to infiltrate the back offices of the park. The catch? They have to die to do it.

So, what do two robots questioning their existence do to prove to themselves that they’re alive ­– that they truly can feel? Have sex, of course. Maeve kicks over a lantern and the tent around them erupts as they’re silhouetted against the flames. What a way to go.

“Bridgerton” (Netflix)

Daphne & Simon (S1.E5)

Let’s be honest, this is what you clicked for, right? Let’s get it into it.

What happens when your hedge-maze tryst is witnessed, a duel ensues, and the queen is mad at you for spoiling her plans to marry you off to someone else (Hate it when that happens)? Why, it’s time for impassioned speeches and quickie weddings!

Daphne and Simon have found themselves suddenly thrust together by youthful passion and unfortunate circumstance. Now they need to get married to avoid all the negative outcomes, like a ruined reputation for Daphne, and Simon dying in a duel. Hey, in the 1800s those two things were basically the same. Given the nature of the marriage, both think the other is simply caving to the pressure and that they’re in a one-sided relationship, until they suddenly realize that isn’t exactly true.

The “I Burn for You” speech is a standout scene from the first season as both characters reveal their true feelings. They then strip and get down in a passionate scene that involves a lot of close-ups and a lot of action.

“Broad City” (Comedy Central)

Abbi & Jeremy (S2.E4)

You know what? I want to go out on a fun one. Not to say the others haven’t been fun, but this one is from a comedy. And it’s not sexy in a traditional way. It’s an ”embrace something different and live life on the wild side” kind of sexy.

Yeah, we’re going there.

“Broad City” is a much beloved comedy about two 20-something friends, Abbi and Ilana, who live in New York City. There are lots of memorable moments across its five seasons. But there’s one episode in particular that stands out in many viewers’ minds. And it starts with a crush.

Abbi is obsessed with Jeremy, her neighbor across the hall. She literally can’t speak when he’s around. After many run-ins, fantasies, and non-conversations, the two of them finally end up alone together in Jeremy’s apartment – and it only takes a little small talk before the two are furiously making out.

They eventually end up in bed together. Abbi asks if they “want to switch,” and Jeremy is all about it. As Abbi prepares to get on top… Jeremy pulls out a strap-on dildo. Caught off-guard and on the verge of panicking, she takes a time-out to the bathroom, strap-on in hand, leaving a crestfallen and embarrassed Jeremy behind. She then does the only thing she can think of to help guide her through this situation: she calls her best friend.

Ilana, who is out shopping with her mother for illegal handbags (you should really watch the episode),

is ALL IN on Abbi going ALL IN on her crush. She does a dance, strikes a pose, then upside-down-twerks on a wall in celebration. The words “plowin’ it like a queen” are said.

As Abbi slides the bathroom door open, the smile the that spreads across Jeremy’s face is unforgettable.

These are our favorite sexy scenes, but there are many more out there to watch! If you’re looking for a show that’s sexy, but also lighthearted, check out these sexy shows. Discover your favorite scene today!