Sex has always been a hush-hush topic, but there’s more to sex than the same-old taught in health class. As more people embrace sex positivity and sex education (thanks, in part, to shows like “Sex Education”), the deeper, darker secrets of sex are seeing light. Now, you’re more likely to consider something that was a taboo just years ago. Let’s explore those options!

Anal sex

No matter your sexual identity, the human body is wired to enjoy anal play. The anus has a high number of nerve endings that make it an erogenous zone, if properly pleasured. If you’re curious, we have a blog that explores the ins and out of anal sex. Very basically, be sure to have a silicone lubricant at the ready. You can also try out a toy or anal trainer kit to help you prepare.


Good marketing can take a taboo out of the shadows. Ever since “Fifty Shades of Grey” rose to the top of women’s “must-read” lists, BDSM has been a hot topic. In fact, 86% of Americans have tried BDSM at least once or are interested in doing so. BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Different types of BDSM can include using whips or clamps on your partner, blindfolding them, or restraining them. The options are endless.

Foot fetish

With the prevalence of apps like FeetFinder, where people can sell pictures of videos of their feet, it’s a little surprising that this is still a taboo. You can find this fetish in the series “House of the Dragon” and really any Quentin Tarantino movie. You may get sexual satisfaction from looking at feet, painting toenails, or massaging feet, which is a great treat for you partner and a good form of foreplay.

Group Sex

Two is better than one. Many people have the fantasy of adding another person to the relationship. In fact, it seems you can’t get on a dating app these days without getting at least one message from someone in a relationship who is looking for a third. You can explore a new person, new boundaries, and different sexual experts with group sex. The most important part of adding this element to your relationship is communication, as our sexpert reminds us in this blog going into more detail about threesomes.


Here’s another sexual taboo that gets pigeonholed, but your sexuality does not need to come into play with pegging. This act involves someone performing anal sex on another person with a strap-on. Again, the anus is a place with a lot of nerve endings that can provide great pleasure. Plus, you have plenty of options with strap-on toys, whether you’re going for the classic or would like to try a strapless strap-on.

Period sex

You may be tempted to avoid sex during a certain time of the month. But, with a little more prep and clean up, you can enjoy sex at any time! Plus, there are a few benefits like relief from cramps, an increased sex drive, and natural lubrication. A good way to get prepped for period sex is to wash up a little down there. Try out some wipes that will give you a little tingle to get you in the mood. It may also help to lay a towel down on the bed before getting started to lessen the cleanup. Or move sexy time to the shower or bath!

Toys during sex

Sex toys have reputation that they’re only for masturbation. But they can enhance your sex life when used with a partner! Sex toy owners are 20% more likely to report they are happy in their relationship. Plus, more than 80% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone and need additional clitoral stimulation. Sex toys are a great addition to the bedroom and couples have many options, including c-rings, remote-controlled vibes, and clitoral toys.


The last taboo we’re tackling is watersports. This is not super common, but pee play excites people for a variety of reasons. One, they may enjoy the feeling of losing control. Two, they may enjoy marking their territory. Finally, this is also a type of BDSM or Domination. It’s also something that is considered naughty, since many people are punished for peeing themselves or the bed as a child. There are many reasons there are more people interested in trying this fetish.

As we embrace sex positivity, more sexual taboos will become more mainstream and accepted. Expand your horizons today and find out if you find pleasure from one of the taboos listed above!

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

Special Projects Producer
Tori Tromblay (she/her/hers) is a book enthuisiast, cat lover, and Cincinnati native. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. After traveling to New York, D.C., London, and Tulsa, she settled back home, where she lives with her husband and two cats. She has worked for Pure Romance for two years and loves to learn and teach about sex education.