If you haven’t heard already, March 14th is an unofficial holiday: Steak and BJ (aka oral favor) Day. The satirical holiday was created back in 2002 in response to Valentine’s Day being geared towards women. In essence, the day is celebrated exactly a month after Valentine’s Day with the sole purpose of responding to the gifts received by cooking a steak and performing oral favors (or fellatio) on a male partner. Of course, some may choose not to participate in either of these unofficial holidays as they promote specific gender roles and sexual scripts in relationships. However, if you are interested and want to try something new and fun with your partner, here are few ways to enjoy Steak and BJ Day this year:

Part One – The steak

Cook a steak dinner – find your partner’s favorite and prepare it for him. Try the local grocery store or even go to a butcher to get a special steak.

Hire a private chef for the evening – this saves time and provides a catering element to you both.

Go out to dinner – look up that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and make reservations. Steak restaurants have a reputation for being dark and candlelit, which is the perfect foreplay for the rest of the evening.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pair your steak with a red wine. Wine, in general, is considered to be an aphrodisiac and red wine has properties that increase blood flow to the muscles, which can lead to heightened sexual experiences.

Part Two – The BJ

Now that you’ve set the mood with a romantic dinner, it’s time to celebrate the second part of this holiday. But first, here are some tips to amp up anticipation. Make it fun by telling your partner you have dinner and dessert plans. Send sexy messages throughout the day to build anticipation. And when you get to the bedroom, add a flavored lubricant to the mix – to keep things sweet. give these a try:

Sensations: This warming lubricant comes in three mouthwatering flavors: grape lollipop, pineapple paradise, and cotton candy. Just add your warm breath or a little friction to turn up the heat.

Just Like Me: Everyone needs the essential water-based lubricant. We’ve flavored our classic formula with watermelon, so you can enjoy a light refreshing burst of juicy sweetness.

Great Head: Made specially for oral favors, this oral gel helps your throat feel relaxed while curbing your gag reflex. It also has the flavor of sweet, luscious strawberries dipped in warm sugar.

“O” Vanilla Frosting: The strongest enhancement cream in the Pure Romance lineup blends sensory-enriching ingredients and a sweet flavor to help increase feelings of sensitivty and pleasure.

Ask your partner to give you feedback to ensure the experience is pleasurable.

Pro Tip: Similar to penetrative activities, lubrication reduces friction and increases pleasure. Make sure there is a lot of lubrication, whether that be from saliva or one of the lubes mentioned above to enhance the experience. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy. DO use your hands; DON’T use your teeth.



Ashley Townes

Ashley Townes

PhD, MPH, Sexual Health Researcher
Dr. Ashley Townes (she/her/hers), is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended Walnut Hills High School and the University of Cincinnati, where she received both her Bachelors and Master of Public Health degrees. She received her doctorate degree in Health Behavior and Epidemiology from Indiana University.

Dr. Townes has experience working as a Community Health Educator and Disease Intervention Specialist in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. She has worked on several initiatives related to the dissemination of national HIV prevention and care campaign materials tailored for African Americans, Hispanic/Latinx, and transgender women of color. Dr. Townes has taught collegiate-level Human Sexuality courses, served as an Epidemiologist at the Ohio Department of Health, and currently works as a sexual health researcher in Atlanta, GA.

Ashley’s research background includes work on the sexual experiences of African American/Black women accessing health information and utilizing sexual health services. In 2018, she received grant funding from the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health to translate sexual health research data into educational materials. Her career interests are aimed at providing quality sexual education and working towards health equity.