Amorous Aries

Aries Characteristics Proud. Strong. Brave.  Aries Dates March 21st to April 19th Sexscope Welcome, warriors of the zodiac skies! It’s


Perceptive Pisces

Pisces Characteristics Compassionate, Artistic, Emotional Pisces Dates February 19th – March 20th Sexscope Have you felt the tug of celestial


Assertive Aquarius

Characteristics: Intelligent. Independent. Creative. Dates: January 20 – February 18 Assertive Aquarius, you are known for your uniqueness, eccentricities, and

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Gifts for your Galentine!

If you don’t have a plan with your best gal pals yet- it’s time to make one! Cheers to Galentine’s


Unleashing Your Inner Leo

Leo Characteristics Confident. Ambitious. Bubbly. Leo Dates July 23 – August 22 Are you ready to ignite your inner flame,

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Compassionate Cancer

Cancer Characteristics Genuine, Intuitive, Loyal Cancer Dates June 21-July 22 Now is an exciting time, Cancerians. This month, expect plenty

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