Summer is fading, the leaves are turning, and flannels are being pulled out of closets everywhere. It’s finally fall.

And while summer is full of fun outdoor activities, the sun and heat can certainly put a damper on them. Not so in the fall! For many, it’s their favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold – a light jacket is all you need. Hiking, apple picking, bonfires, and festivals! So many fun ways to partake in cool and breezy outdoor fun.

But what about indoor fun?

Fall is the perfect time to cuddle up close with someone special, get cozy by the fire… and get a little wild with our favorite sex positions for this chilly season (admittedly: there’s no bad season to get a little wild).

The Pumpkin Spice Latte

What autumn would be complete without a pumpkin spice latte? That’s how you know fall has begun! And just like the classic drink, this position is warm, comforting, and deliciously simple. Nothing crazy or complicated, just a beautiful way to enjoy the moment.

Start with one partner ­on their knees (if you’re involving penetration, this should be the penetrating partner). Then have the other partner straddle the first’s legs. This position allows for an incredible amount of intimacy, so it’s great with or without penetration. Partners are in a perfect position to kiss, pull in close for intimate skin contact, or simply stare into each other’s eyes.

With this PSL, whipped cream is optional or try our Whipped lubricant (twice the fun, without the mess).

The Fallen Leaf

Who doesn’t love sitting at the window or on the porch and just watching the autumn leaves fall? The slow, floating descent of each one as it completes its journey is peaceful. Almost romantic. Let’s bring some of that serenity into the bedroom, shall we?

This one starts with both partners laying down. The penetrating partner is on their side and the receiving partner is on their back with their legs up. Then both bring their hips together like they’re trying to form an X. Once penetration has happened, the receiving partner can rest their feet back on the floor, behind the penetrating partner. This position is simple and doesn’t require as much effort as a lot of other positions. It’s great if you’re tired or are looking for a little bit of a break between more vigorous moments. Even better, the receiving partner’s lower body is easily within reach, which can add another layer of intimacy as you explore with hands (or even toys)! With this position, you’re sure to get swept up in passion.

The Scarecrow

Another fantastic part of the season is immersing yourself in the harvest. Imagine it: the crisp air in your lungs, crunching leaves and straw beneath your feet, and squealing and laughing all around you. The search for the perfect pumpkin is on! And standing high above it all is the stalwart hero of the field: the humble scarecrow. We honor him with this next position.

Start with the receiving partner face up on the floor, with their legs apart and hips up. The penetrating partner then kneels down between their legs and grabs onto their ankles, helping them remain elevated. The receiving partner can rest their hips on the penetrating partner’s legs or grab a pillow or wedge to help relieve stress on the back and keep those hips up!

This position works for both vaginal and anal sex and is perfect for deep penetration. It’s also a great opportunity to add sex toys into the equation! Introducing a clitoral vibe can add a whole new pleasurable angle to this playful pose!

Spooning the Pumpkin

Who can resist a jack-o-lantern? Or roasted pumpkin seeds? There are so many fun things to do with everyone’s favorite fall fruit. (Yes, pumpkins are fruits ).Whether you’re carving them up and putting them out on the porch, baking pumpkin bread, or making a pumpkin pie from scratch – first, you’ve gotta get a little messy!

This position takes your traditional spooning pose and adds in an extra dimension of sensual, intimate touch (and it works great for both vaginal and anal sex!) With the penetrating partner in back, and the receiving partner in front, both lay down as they would to spoon. The receiving partner then lifts up their leg or wraps it around the penetrating partner, opening up a whole new world of possibilities! Hands can wander, legs can intertwine, sex toys can be used!

Apple Picking

If not pumpkins, maybe apples are your fall fancy? Apple picking is an autumn tradition for many couples who enjoy strolling through the orchard, picking their favorite varieties, perusing homemade foods and goods, and taking in the season.

But this version of apple picking… you should probably save for the bedroom.

To start, the giving partner lays face up while the receiving partner straddles their head, using a wall or piece of furniture as support. Once in this position, the receiver has an entire orchard of ecstasy to pick from. Using their legs and hips, they can decide the level of stimulation they want. Raise up for a tickling tease, lower down for a more intense experience, or (gently… or not-so-gently) grind atop their partner. This position is a sweet treat for all involved.

That’s Fall, Folks!

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, hopefully these positions will be some of the many autumn delights you can enjoy! Maybe they’ll even give you a few other ideas to enhance your bedroom repertoire and ring in the season in a sexy fashion.

Trey Zink
Trey Zink (He/Him/His) is a writer at Pure Romance. With a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati, Trey floated around the packaging and branding world for 10+ years, designing and writing for brands such as Tide, Welch’s, and Miracle-Gro. He eventually pivoted careers, trading packaging, logos, and signage for rhymes, puns, and alliteration. Outside of work, Trey enjoys video games, soccer, and melancholy songs.