When it comes to pleasure, sweet spots like the clitoris or the G-spot are probably the first places you (or your partner) travel… and probably the last. From foreplay to the finish line, we often focus so much on those tried-and-true pleasure points that we forget about all the pleasurable possibilities the rest of our body affords. In fact, there are over a dozen different kinds of orgasms! You can read all about them here but today, we’re diving into the often overlooked but immensely pleasurable world of nipple and breast stimulation.

Contrary to your partner’s belief, breasts aren’t just lovely to look at and fun to feel. According to a recent study, one in three women can orgasm from nipple play! Nipples and breasts hold incredible potential for arousal, serving as erogenous zones that can not only lead to an orgasm but intensify your overall intimate experience. 

Before we get to our carefully curated sex positions to get the best out of the breast, we would be remiss to not mention some of our favorite products that you can incorporate to maximize the fun…

Onyx Nipple Clamps

These luxurious clamps feature rubber tips to protect the skin while stimulating the nipples with sensual pressure. The Onyx Nipple Clamps are connected by a rhinestone chain and two teardrop gems that tickle the skin between bare breasts. Whether it’s for solo or partner play, these nipple clamps put sexy seduction within reach. Get the full rundown on how to play with nipple clamps in our blog here!

Bosom Buddy

It’s all in the name! Add sensation—and a little flavor—to your fun. Bosom Buddy flavor-infused balm creates a pleasurable tingling for you, and a silky and kissable surface for your partner. Moisturizing ingredients and mouth watering flavors make Bosom Buddy perfect for your skin and your taste buds. 

9 to 5

As a dual-ended, dual-action vibrator, 9 to 5 offers a LOT of ways to play. But when it comes to the nipples, we love how the textured tassels make a fun and lightly stingy impact toy. Pair it with the subtle vibrations of the other end to tease and tantalize the nipples and breasts. Read 5 more ways to use 9 to 5 here

Heart Massager

Because the nipples are so sensitive, they can be the perfect erogenous zones to try out temperature play—which you can read all about here! Switching from a cold sensation to something hot, like the Heart Massager, delivers an plethora of seductive sensations. 

Now without further adieu, let’s find the breast sex position for you!

Yin & Yang

After Yin & Yang, you’ll certainly be seeing eye to eye. The seated face-to-face position is a kama sutra classic for good reason. Not only does your partner get to keep their eye on the prize but it provides easy access for licking, sucking, and love bites. Try Bosom Buddy to make their mouth water even more! 

Who’s the Boss?


There’s a lot going on here and for good reason. Squatting or kneeling while your partner penetrates you from behind already feels amazing, but we recommend adding Nipple Clamps into the mix! With the clamps on, get into position and let your partner decide the tempo as they hold onto your hips. Or, for a twist, you call the shots and let them know exactly where you’d like their hands. Teasingly circling the clamps? Between your thighs while the clamps do their thing? You decide!

Head Over Heels

For this position, lie back and rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders while they kneel to penetrate you. This is the perfect position to give your partner full access to play with your nipples and breasts (and gives them a pretty good view, too!). 

The Booby Backbend


We hope you stretched! While your partner lies on their back, straddle and slowly lower yourself on top of them. Then, start leaning back until you meet their chest and prop yourself up with your arms. If you aren’t feeling flexible, you can also do reverse cowgirl. While you ride them from on top, their hands are free to explore YOUR top!

No Looking Back

Have your partner take a seat, then sit on their lap. As they penetrate from underneath you, they also have full access to stimulate your breasts. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We love to incorporate a mirror for this position as a powerful way to ramp up arousal and connect with your body. Slip on our Nipple Clamps for a dose of erotic glam that feel just as amazing as they look.