With over 50 toys to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! You can’t try them all (although, we’d love to see you try!), but when you work at Pure Romance, you learn a thing or two. Not only do we work with these products everyday, but we’re not afraid to admit we take our work home with us sometimes. Hear from editors from the Pure Romance team on which toy tops our list and why we think it might be your new favorite, too!


Tori – Twilight Mood

It’s not just because I was a Twihard (don’t judge. It was a different time of my life). This clitoral wand vibrator is perfect for beginners and experts because it gives you the flexibility to choose your own adventure. Use the textured tip on the clitoris and enjoy the 10 vibrating functions. Or bend it at the center to get mind-blowing internal and external stimulation. The best part, you can use it with or without a partner. Edward or Jacob? Puh-lease. I’m choosing Twilight Mood.


Amanda – Adventurer Curve

This vibe is an absolute game-changer! When it comes to the bedroom, I’m all about snagging those simple, sleek items that add that extra oomph! Enter the Adventurer Curve – it’s like my ultimate Swiss Army Knife of toys! With its magical combo of air pressure and G-spot stimulation, it’s my ultimate go-to vibe, whether I’m exploring solo or with a partner. Trust me, everyone needs an Adventurer Curve in their life!


Trey – Close Encounter

Close Encounter is a fun little toy that can add a whole new dimension to sex and spice up even the most simple of positions. It’s the perfect toy for him and for her. The ring adds a “pleasing squeeze,” as we like to call it, and helps keep things “at attention,” if you will. Meanwhile, positioning the vibrating teaser against her clitoris will make sure she gets exactly what she needs to take her all the way. It has nine different settings so the two of you can find what works best for everyone involved. And the remote is a game-changer and perfect for switching it up on the fly.

And look, I’m not trying to put on the sales pitch here, but if you pick up Close Encounter (or any of our c-rings) definitely check out Whipped as well. It’s an awesome lubricant with a lotion-like texture that makes sure that ring feels nice and comfortable, particularly around such a sensitive area. Pinchy sex is not fun sex.


Abbey – Opening Act

In my five years at Pure Romance, I’ve seen a lot of toys—Some that bend, thrust, suction, and even heat up! But despite all the unique options we offer, my favorite always has and always will be Opening Act. With its THIRTY functions, it’s no wonder I’ve never gotten tired of it! Not only that, but its contoured shape gives me comfortable control whether I’m by myself or with my partner. If there’s one vibe you NEED to have in your toy chest, it’s Opening Act.



Serena – Sexy Spreader

If I had to pick one out of everything, Sexy Spreader is it. It’s one of the first things I got from Pure Romance and even after years of working here and trying different things, it still sparks so much creativity for myself and partners. It’s a classic you can totally MacGyver into different spots all over your place for different moods or role plays even.

Obviously, you can put the padding behind your neck and the cuffs around your ankles, that way you and your partner can keep hands busy with other fun stuff. But I can’t say I’ve ever actually used it that way because it’s so much more fun to pop the padded part under a corner of the bed, a chair, or behind a door. Just imagine like, one partner restrained (comfortably!) and the other not only enjoying the view but also teasing the hell out of them. Whether you’re being teased or doing the teasing, it’s so sexy, right?


Find our favorites and even more to discover by shopping our toys here! Now that you’ve read which toys top our lists, we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below what your top toy is!