You don’t need a big budget for an unforgettable date night! Check out these fun ideas for your next hot date.

So you and your significant other are itching to get out of the house for a good date, but you’re strapped for cash. Ugh, responsibilities! Before you give up and settle for a boring night in, take a breath and reconsider your options. Planning a good date isn’t all about the Benjamins, it’s about creativity and fun. Don’t believe us? Let us put our money (or lack thereof) where our mouth is. We’ve put together the ultimate dates for under $100, $50, and even $25!

$25 or Less

Being in a financial crunch is no reason to cancel a date. Check out your local art museums; many offer at least one free day a week, so you’ll only have to pay for parking!

The average round of mini golf costs between $5 and $10. That’s 18 holes of fun for what you can scrape together just by checking between the couch cushions! You’ve got plenty of cash left over, so hit the snack bar and make that ice cream cone a double dip. Splurge a little. It’s date night.

Local parks are a great and free place to spend an afternoon! Pack a lunch, walk around, and spend some time reconnecting while enjoying fresh air (extra points if you put the phones away and focus on just each other!). You can even bring along a fun game that lets you and your date get to know each other even better. Bonus tip: Search online for parks with free concerts or movies for a nighttime date that’s sure to rock your world.

$50 or Less

You’ve got a little more breathing room. Phew. There’s a reason hitting up the movie theatre for a date night has never gone out of style! Check your local movie times and grab your date for a night of entertainment and hand-holding that is worth every penny! The best part? You’ve still got some cash to spare! Grab your favorite candy and some popcorn (go on, add the extra butter), too!

A college student with 50 bucks in his pocket is considered a Rockefeller – so having $50 for date night is the perfect excuse to throw it back to your college days! Score some tickets to a local college sporting event. It’s all the fun of a sporting event at a fraction of the pro-sports cost!

Most comedy clubs host a weekly open mic night where amateur comics hone their craft. Not only could you see the next Chris Rock before he makes it big, you can do so at a discounted price. Spend a little on the tickets and the rest on drinks so even the duds seem funnier. Those who laugh together, stay together!

$100 or Less

With a Benjamin in your pocket, you shouldn’t be sweating date night at all. Even if your date has champagne tastes, you can still impress them with this date night! Unless you’re going to see the hottest musician on the Billboard charts, $100 should get you two general admission tickets to just about any concert. Serenade your boo with the band all night long!

Shake it up! Contact your local bars and taverns to see if they offer private mixology classes. You’d be surprised how many places do, and how affordable they can be. Bartender, I’ll have another!

Adult arcades are everywhere! Feel like a kid again and take $100 to hit skee-ball, play air hockey, and dominate the video games for some flirty competitive play. Winner gets a massage later!

See? You can have plenty of fun dates for under $100, all without ordering a pizza and watching a movie on the couch! You don’t need to break the bank to have a great date…don’t be afraid to spice it up!