Sex toys can cost as little as $15 or over $300. Find out which features give you the most bang for your buck.

It’s the age-old question: why are some vibrators just $15, while others can cost upwards of $150? When you think about it, the answer is easy: because like cars, houses, jeans, and tech gadgets, each sex toy is created differently! This guide will show you what factors affect the price of sex toys, so you can get the most bang for your buck when you’re shopping.

Materials: Do you like it hard? Or soft?

Vibrators come in a variety of different materials, but in general:

  • The least expensive vibrators tend to be made of hard plastic. Sometimes, a plastic vibrator has a polyurethane coating, which gives it a softer texture and quickly warms to your body temperature during use.
  • Mid-range vibrators are often made of a soft jelly-like material, which offers a realistic texture many women prefer.
  • High-end models are usually made of silicone, which offers a soft texture that transmits vibration better than jelly does. Silicone is also nonporous, making it very easy to clean.

Vibrators can also be made out of specialty materials like glass or metal, which come with a higher price tag due to their novelty.

Motors: Vroom vroom!

If you see two vibrators that look identical except for the price tag, you can usually chalk up the difference to the motor. A quieter or more powerful motor can be worth its weight in gold—and when you live in a home with others, “quieter” can prove to be essential.

Batteries: It keeps going, and going …

A toy that uses just one small battery will probably be less expensive than one that uses four … but it’ll also be less powerful and need replacement batteries more often. For the most power, get a rechargeable accessory—the higher price is offset by never having to buy batteries again!

Features: All the bells and whistles

Vibrators come with a huge range of different features. Some are waterproof, some have twirling ball bearings that offer an extra massage, some come with dual motors that operate on independent controls, and some offer multiple speeds and pulse patterns. The more you pay, the more of these features will be open to you!

To sum up: just like with any other product, when it comes to sex toys, you get what you pay for! Pure Romance carries a wide variety of sex toys at different price points, made of different materials, and with different features. If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality toy from Pure Romance, browse our luxurious sex toys!