Spring is the season of new beginnings, setting new goals, and fresh starts!

Spring is the season of new beginnings, setting new goals, and fresh starts; and if you’re a business owner, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on what’s really working in your business, what might not be, and coming up with a plan for a cleaner, more effective strategy. Think of it as spring cleaning for your business!

Here are some ways to spring clean not only your life, but your home business:

Relax and Rejuvenate

First things first: get your mind right! Spend some time relaxing so you can recharge and really motivate yourself for a reset. This might be a vacation with your family, pampering yourself at a spa, doing that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try, or just spending a few days getting things done around the house that you’ve been putting off. Self-care is so important and taking that time for yourself will put your mind in the right place and get you ready to conquer anything!


It wouldn’t be spring cleaning without some actual cleaning, right? Whether your work space is in need of a serious deep-clean, or just some light reorganization, now is the time to do it! Begin by looking at everything in your work space and determining what items you actually need to run your business and what is just taking up space. Then, take some time to purge any of those office of supplies you no longer need, look into a new filing system, or find a fun way to upgrade your space so you actually enjoy spending time there. Think of how much you can get done in a clean office when you know where everything is!

Assess And Prioritize

Assess how you’re spending your time and current efforts, and then prioritize! This one might take some time. One of the main reasons you started your business was to make money, so making sure you’re spending it, as well as your time properly, is a must! Ask yourself: “Am I effectively spending my time and money on strategies that are making money and connecting me with potential customers or business leads?”. To help answer this, make a list of everything you do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to run your business and how much time you spend on each task. Not only will this give you a better idea of how you’re spending your time, but when you break it down, you can decide how necessary each task is, if there is a more effective way to complete each task, or if there are tasks that should be taking a higher priority.

Set An Intention

Remember what we said earlier? Mindset is key! Most days, we find ourselves so busy that we forget to stay present, so setting an intention is a great way to start each day with a positive attitude. Your intention can change daily, or you can focus on one for the upcoming months that will help you stay focused and accomplish a certain goal. Now, you might be asking what exactly this has to do with your business? Well, when you think positively and stay mindful, you feel better! And when you feel good, it doesn’t just affect you, but the people around you, too. This could mean creating better connections, higher sales, and happier customers! It’s a win-win.