When it comes to orgasms… you have options. Clitoral. Vaginal. Nipple. Whole body. Anal. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one (in fact there are more than a dozen)! When you take all the types of orgasms mentioned before, you’re experiencing what’s called a blended orgasm. It’s an incredible powerful, fireworks in the mind, this is the best experience ever kind of orgasm.

How do I have one?

When more than one erotic zone is stimulated at the same time, you’ll experience more than one orgasm for an all-too-unbelievable blended orgasm. That means you’re having two, if not more, orgasms at the same time. This typically happens when the vagina, g-spot, and clitoris are getting attention.

Experiencing your own blended orgasm is easier than you think. Just start slow and work your way up to ecstasy. The easiest solution, get a dual-action vibrator (and lubricant always helps).  But there are plenty more ways to have a blended orgasm, with or without a partner. Read on for our toy recommendations so you can have your big “O” moment.


Our number one recommendation to achieve a blended orgasm is to get the Triple Orgasm Machine. There’s a reason this vibe is so popular! The dual-action vibrator has a thrusting, spinning shaft and seven speeds and pulsing patterns of clitoral vibration with rabbit ear ticklers.


This dual-action vibe fits its name. Enjoy the shaft’s pulsing vibrations while the clitoral massager entrances you with its tongue-like movement. Plus, the shaft has a curve to hit the g-spot so you can experience your blended orgasm with ease.

Butterfly Effect

Enjoy this panty vibrator alone or with a partner. Not only does it have 12 vibrating speeds, but it also comes with a wireless remote so you or your partner can tease and please anytime, anywhere. Flutter with sensation as the shaft vibrates internally and the ticklers massage the clitoris.

Sealed With A Kiss

Unsurprisingly, we have another dual-action to recommend. This time, the clitoral massager has a powerful suction, and the textured, curved shaft has 10 mind-blowing speeds and pulsing patterns. The toy has two independently controlled motors that are perfect for you to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

Our Little Secret

Talk about options! This pleasure toy set has two different toys. Great for couples, you can choose between a c-ring and bullet, which each feature three vibrating speeds and nine pulsing patterns. Plus, each toy comes with a wireless remote so you can increase the pleasure when near or far, as long as you’re within 32 feet. The c-ring is perfect for a blended orgasm as you get the benefits of a clitoral massager, and he gets the constriction from the ring for longer lasting intimacy.

These toys will have you screaming “OMG!” after you experience a blended orgasm. Your body and mind will thank you.

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

Special Projects Producer
Tori Tromblay (she/her/hers) is a book enthuisiast, cat lover, and Cincinnati native. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. After traveling to New York, D.C., London, and Tulsa, she settled back home, where she lives with her husband and two cats. She has worked for Pure Romance for two years and loves to learn and teach about sex education.