Almost anything nowadays can be hands-free—changing the channel, answering phone calls, navigating where we need to go and now, masturbating? Yep! This means you don’t need your hands to hit the big “O.” Even better, these on-the-DL vibes can be used pretty much anywhere, anytime!

Beyond their portability, there are a few other seriously amazing benefits of adding a remote control vibrator into the mix. The most obvious (and exciting!) is that it gets your significant other in on the action, making this vibrator an essential partner play experience. They can adjust every pulse and vibration, and ultimately, give YOU an unbelievable orgasm—without even touching you!

Another plus? “Using a remote-controlled device, whether it’s an insertable bullet or magnetic clitoral massager, is a total gamechanger for foreplay,” explains Pure Romance Founder & Chairwoman Patty Brisben. “We know that women generally need 30 minutes to an hour of foreplay to reach full arousal, so can you imagine what happens when foreplay begins during dinner?” Can you say, check please?!

Whether you’re flying solo or using your favorite remote control vibrator with a partner, here are a few of our favorite places to use these super sexy, oh-so-secret devices:

1. Home

When you’re first getting familiar with your new toy, take it for a test-drive around your house. Hand the remote to your partner and go about your business—you might just get a very sexy surprise in the middle of loading the dishwasher!

2. The car

Speaking of test-drive, pass your significant other the remote and ask them to be your chauffeur for the evening—you just sit in the backseat and let the good times roll! (Keep your eyes on the road, kids!)

3. Date night

Sometimes, there’s nothing sexier than giving your partner complete control. Pick your date night spot, hand over Our Little Secret’s stylish remote-control bracelet and see where the night takes you.

4. Out to dinner

When there’s a remote-control vibrator on the menu, you won’t even need dessert. Bonus points for who can keep the best straight face during your order—the person who breaks first picks up the bill!

5. The movies

You can’t go wrong with a night at (and with!) the Box Office! Use the magnetic tabs to snap this luscious panty vibe in place and get ready to take the show on the road. (Pro-tip: a loud, explosion-heavy film is probably best.)

6. An airplane

If becoming a member of the mile-high club is at the top of your bucket list, pack Butterfly Effect, an insertable panty vibe, in your carry on! (You might want to ask for a window seat.)

7. Hiking

Combining serotonin-producing exercise with amazing views and orgasms on the go, courtesy of a remote control vibe? Brings a whole new brings a whole new meaning to the word “summit.”

8. At a concert

Tuck one of our handy remotes in your fanny pack the next time you head to your favorite festival. Experiment with matching the vibrations to the beat of the music. Pro-tip: wait for the bass to drop!

Wherever you decide to take your new BFF, a remote control vibrator is a super fun, sexy, and easy way to add a little adventure to your sex life. Where will you take control?