Sometimes you’re in the mood and sometimes it takes a little more work to get going. As women, we don’t just want the physical. The mental game is important to get that out-of-this-world sexual experience. After all, the biggest sex organ is the brain. Years into a relationship, it can be easy to get caught up in a routine or the frustrations of life. Worse yet, you may find one partner is in the mood, but for some reason the other is just not feeling it. Scientists have revealed the top three turn-offs for women. Read on for some changes partners may need to make to reignite the heat in the bedroom.

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We’re all familiar with popularized gender roles where the woman takes care of the house, while the man goes out and makes the bacon. Well, this could be sabotaging your bedroom escapades. A study found women who did more household chores did not sexually desire their partners as much and also viewed their partners as dependent on them.

Thankfully, the scientists behind the study have not just one, but two solutions for men to increase intimacy. First, have a conversation! Most women take on the brunt of the work without talking about it with their partner. It’s always helpful for the partner to ask if there is anything they can do to help. The second is to take charge. Women aren’t the only people who can do laundry. Take on some of those household chores and see how your relationship improves.

Break the boring routine

As a couple who has been together for a while, you have a favorite position and you’re both comfortable with it. But there’s an entire world of pleasure out there that you could be missing. Most people did not receive great sexual education and have no idea how female pleasure works. Education about pleasure isn’t enough, according to a study from the “Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.”

Change things up! Ask your partner what they would like, instead of just assuming. Anything and everything is up for grabs. Suggest adding a toy to the bedroom, explore some BDSM items, or try new ways of foreplay. Not everything is going to be your cup of tea, so try a few new things.

Embrace porn

Pornography gets a bad rap because it can be extremely addictive, and some types of porn can promote unrealistic standards. Scientists suggest watching it together, saying it could open up communication and encourage sexual experiments. You both could learn more about what you like or dislike. In turn, this could bring you closer together as a couple.

The key takeaway from all these psychological studies: communication. Everyone has a different way to butter their biscuit. Talking and exploring will be the way to find out if your partner likes theirs toasted or with jam.

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

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