Sex toys aren’t one size fits all. There are a lot of factors – size, length/reach, curvature, and other design elements – that make them great (or not so great) for fluffy folks. So, your resident curvy girl is here to help with tips on what to look for, what to avoid, and more when it comes to plus size bodies and pleasure.

Notes: For the purpose of this article, we’re noting tips and my top 3 Pure Romance picks for curvy girls. If you’re completely brand new to toys, consider popping over to our toy types blog here. “Girl(s)”, “we” or “us” as well as “you”, “your”, or “yours” etc. nods to the writer, individuals, and/or the reader as vulva-owning people while “your partner”, “them”, or “their” nods to a sexual partner performing penetration with a penis and/or sex toy.

Things to Look For

  • 100% Silicone Materials. This isn’t specific to plus size bodies but always a must-mention, in my opinion. Quality, 100% silicone materials for every area of a toy that touches your body is best. For more about our silicone, check out the blog.
  • Rechargeable (or Plug-In) Power. I highlight rechargeable and/or plug-in toys for curvy girls because of time. If you’re experimenting with reach or poses or anything potentially challenging, you don’t want that to be the time you find out you’re completely out of batteries. Trust.
  • Remotes. Jumping off the prior note, remotes are your friends for similar reasons. Panty vibes, insertables, wearables etc. are sometimes on the smaller side and trickier to hold in place – so don’t! Shop toys with remotes! That way, you can position your vibe where you want and go hands-free.
  • Flexibility! I’ll argue this is especially important with curved clitoral toys but it’s a factor to consider with all toys. Depending on your body shape and/or where you’ve got extra fluff, you may want a toy that’s more flexible to make sure you can get it nestled close to your favorite spots.
  • Shape & Style. The world of sex toys is home to an unimaginable number of shapes and sizes. Think length, curves, handles/bases etc. Wands with vibrating heads, metal G-spot wands, and other longer toys are great for more reach. Toys with dramatic curves might be what you want for simultaneous internal and external vibes. Handles, rings, and more can help with reach and positioning; if the toy doesn’t have a handle, does it have a base or other design element that can stand-in? Get creative!


Our Top 5 Sex Toys for Curvy Girls
Without further ado, here’s our picks for curve-conscious toys! Whether you’re shopping for something for solo play, exploring options to use with your partner, or both, read on for 5 of our sexiest offerings.


If you want a little extra reach…

Just One Touch

 A vibrating wand with a flexible head and touch-responsive controls? Swipe right! Just One Touch is a game-changer for plus-size babes. For starters, it’s full silicone (sans the metallic details) with easy, one-button and sensor bar controls. The flexible head helps ensure you get all the vibration you want against your favorite spots, plus it’s textured so every move adds extra stimulation!

And those touch controls? Pure genius. Just press a thumb over the dotted sensor bar and swipe left or right to change vibration intensity levels. Even better? Vibration doesn’t turn on until the head of the massager touches your body so you can take all the time you like to get comfortable or even try a totally new position.


If you want a c-ring…

Vitamin Sea

Let me clue you in on why Vitamin Sea’s our pick here: size. The vibrating area is roughly 2 in./5.5 cm across and 2.75 in./7 cm. tall which means it has a much better chance of hitting the clitoris vs other much smaller c-rings. If you’ve ever used a vibrating c-ring with a partner and were disappointed, there’s a good chance the vibrating bullet or element’s placement just didn’t work for your body. So, shop this bestseller and, if we can make a position recommendation, try cowgirl position for the kind of shared pleasure that’ll make things wet and wild in no time.


If you loved the TikTok rose vibe…

The Adventurer Curve

If the TikTok rose vibe days taught us anything, it was the mind-melting pleasure that is air-pressure toys. And, while those pretty roses will always have a place in our hearts, The Adventurer Curve is almost sure to be your new go-to. It’s dual action with a signature, curved design that flexes to fit just about any size body!

Two-button controls let you customize playtime to your mood, by adjusting speeds and/or patterns for both the internal and external elements. Plus, the clitoral element also features a removeable sleeve so you can fit the soft silicone around your clitoris for oral-like, airotic sensation or remove it for thrumming action. All in all, it’s a no brainer addition to your collection.


If you want BDSM…

Come From Behind

This next one is what I call a plus-size superstar since the padding has ample surface area for tummies with a little extra fluff. If you’re still a little confused, think doggie-style with a twist. The padding goes against your stomach while the adjustable straps give your partner the power to pull your hips back towards theirs with as much force and speed as they want. So, if the name of your game is BDSM, this strap is what’s up.


If you want a rabbit vibe…

All You Can Handle 

If you’ve ever heard of “rabbit” vibrators, you know that the shaft and clitoral massager combo is where it’s at. With a full silicone design and a flexible shaft and massager, this toy is every plus-size queen’s dream. The handle offers extra reach – no more yoga moves to hit the right spots! – but can also help you go hands-free. Put those thighs to work holding this toy in place! The handle’s design adds bulk without any uncomfortable corners or textures that other rabbit-style vibes often have.

Thanks for joining us on this pleasure cruise through tips and picks for curve-friendly sex toys. When shopping for a massager as a plus-size babe, remember to keep shape, style, flexibility, power type, etc. and any factor you consider a make or break! Our top 5 picks hopefully helped you find a new favorite, whether it’s for self-care, a shared experience, or something in between.

Embracing your body and its needs is an act of self-love, so treat yourself well, and let the good vibes roll!

Serena Clement

Serena Clement

Serena Clement (she/her/hers) is a Senior Writer at Pure Romance and an aficionado of all things sextech. As a queer BIPOC with a B.A. in English and Minor in Creative Writing, Serena is a fresh, no-nonsense voice in the world of sexuality and wellness. In and out of the office, her interests include crafting engaging copy, celebrating diversity, and up-and-coming sex technology. Her years-long background in both product development and copywriting gives her a unique lens for her career at Pure Romance. And, when not at work on upcoming products, Serena spends time scribbling flash fiction or cozying up on her couch with the latest RPG.