It’s possible to keep your sex life going strong after menopause! These five tips will give you insight on what you can do to keep the passion alive.

They don’t call menopause “the change” for nothing. The differences in your body can make you feel like your life is being turned upside down. Read on for ways to keep your sex life going strong during this time in your life.

Stay hydrated.

We’re not talking about drinking water (although that’s always a good idea)! One of the major side effects of menopause is vaginal dryness, caused by a decrease in blood flow to the vaginal area. Dry sex is painful sex, so find a lubricant that works for you, and use it every time you get busy. and use it every time you get busy. If your dryness is extreme, regular treatments with a vaginal moisturizer can help.

Use it … or lose it.

That decrease in blood flow we mentioned earlier? It can be offset by regular intercourse. So even if your hot flashes are making you feel like there aren’t enough cold showers and ice cubes in the world, keeping it sexy can help!

Confidence is key.

Menopause can cause your self-esteem to slip, and it’s tough to enjoy sex when you’re not feeling attractive! Boost your confidence by taking care of yourself. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will make you feel good both in and out of the bedroom. Get your partner involved by sharing small intimate gestures, such as whispered compliments or hand-holding, throughout the day. This will help you feel attractive, loved, and even more ready to slip between the sheets!

Change your game.

Fluctuating hormone levels can mean a decreased sex drive, more difficulty reaching orgasm, or even a higher libido. You might find that the moves that used to turn you on just don’t work like they once did. More foreplay during intimacy can help you explore what feels good to you and prepare your body for sex, increasing your chances of orgasm.

Keep an open mind.

During and after menopause, your sex life might change … and that’s OK! Think of this time as a new opportunity to discover what turns you on.

Menopause can require you and your partner to adjust to a new normal, but it can also offer a chance to shake up your sexual routine. Keep your partner in the loop regarding your feelings and desires, and have fun exploring your sexuality all over again.