Gemini Dates:

May 21st– June 20th

Gemini Characteristics:

Charismatic. Adaptable. Unreliable.


Your emotions are the best and most challenging thing about you. They are what make people flock to you and what make people distrust your motives. Not because you are untrustworthy, it’s quite the opposite. You are a beloved staple of your friend groups and are often the highlight of other people’s day when they get to interact with you. Though your intentions are good, the endless rollercoaster track that is your mind tends to leave loved ones by the wayside with your many emotions taking center stage. This coming year, think about how you can better the lives of those around you, while improving upon yourself.

Stick to Your Commitments

You’ve been impulsive, maybe a bit flighty when it came to making plans, working on tasks, or even fulfilling family duties, but that was the past. This year, make a conscious effort to stick to your commitments! Don’t be afraid to take on the responsibility that you’ve been avoiding. You’ll end up being a better worker, friend, and overall person. Take responsibility for the environment you have created. Instead of seeing it through negative lenses, enjoy it!

Don’t Fall in Love Too Fast

For the most part, you tend to fall in love fast. You get easily captivated by the glittery reflections of yourself that you see in other people. You can be easily seduced, but at the same time your infatuation can leave you as quickly as it came to you. Before you throw yourself into your next string of passionate short-lived relationships, spend some time getting to know your next significant lover and getting to know yourself! Remind yourself of past missteps on your journey to true love. Learn from your history, instead of repeating a fruitless past.

Throw a Party

You are the life of the party, so why not throw one? Gather your close friends, come up with a fun theme, and do what you do best. Entertain. Your friends will be thankful for the time and effort you put into throwing them unforgettable bash. If you want your theme to be all things sexual health, have a Pure Romance Consultant host a fun night filled with games, toys, and wellness education!

Think About Your Health

If your health has taken a backseat in past few months, you might be feeling the effects this year. You may be known to put yourself out there emotionally, but when it comes to putting yourself out there physically, you’re lacking. It’s time to start thinking about what you put in your body, how you’re treating your body, and what future steps you can take to get control over your health. Your gut is your body’s second brain. Give it the nutrition and support it needs to work at 100% and assist you in a lifestyle change that can strengthen your body and mind.

This is your year, Gemini. It’s time to match your inner intentions with your outer actions. Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of a happier existence.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

social media coordinator
Vivien Fisher (she/her/hers) is a social media coordinator and blog writer for Pure Romance. She loves covering topics like sexual health, lifestyle trends, and anything related to television and film. Her interests include spending time with her pet rabbit Bernard, creating amusing and educational content for the Pure Romance platforms, and exploring all that Cincinnati has to offer.