Mean Girls” taught us many things, including the rules of Halloween in “girl world.” Halloween is a day that you can use as an excuse to dress in sexy costumes, and no one can tell you to do otherwise.

You don’t want to look like all the other girls wearing lingerie and some form of animal ears, but you also don’t want to show up in a scary costume with fake teeth that make it hard to hit on your crush like Cady did at Aaron’s party. Here are some costume ideas, and some unique takes on popular sexy costumes, that you can use to stand out at the Halloween party while still looking sexy!

Singles Costume Ideas

Music Festival Attendee

Music festivals are a great place to express your creativity and sexiness through your fashion choices. It is all bright colors, florals, and as little clothes as possible to beat the heat from being outside all day. Pick one of our lingerie pieces to use as the top, such as the Woke Up Like This Bralette Set or the Wild At Heart Cami, get some floral shorts, and add a flower crown! Bring the vibes of Coachella to your next Halloween party with your best sexy festival fit!

Fallen Angel

Dressing as an angel is one of the more common sexy Halloween costume ideas that people use. But going a darker, fallen angel route still gives you the iconic sexy look, but in a more unique way! To do this costume, all you need is some black lingerie, like our Sculpting Bodysuit with Lace, some black angel wings, and a black halo. You can even craft the halo yourself by getting some wire, bending the top into a circle, and attaching the end to your wings. Once it is attached, get a black feather boa, and wrap it around the circle part of the wire. Attach it with hot glue and cut off the excess, and there you have it! A fallen angel halo! You can also go all out with your makeup for this costume, making it even more detailed and sexy!

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is one of the most widely known Disney villains. There are so many things you can do to create a Cruella de Vil costume and make it sexy, while still being obvious about who you are supposed to be. Take your favorite little black dress, get a fluffy white and black coat, some red heels and gloves, and a white and black wig. This look is classy and sexy, while also being a fun take on an iconic character.

Couples Costume Ideas

Bonnie and Clyde

This costume leans more towards the scary versus cute side of Halloween that we’ve been covering so far. This iconic couple was a power duo (not in a positive way) for sure. For Bonnie, get a plaid, pinstripe, or even plain black or brown skirt, a button up (leave a couple of buttons undone to increase the sexiness level), and a beret. For Clyde, you can make the costume sexy by getting a white button up and leaving some of the top buttons undone to give it a more tousled look or get a white tank top to show off his arms. Then just get some black dress pants and some suspenders. You also can’t forget the fedora to finish the look. You can also carry around some white pillowcases and put a dollar sign on them. Add some fake blood to your face and arms to add even more fun to your costumes. Confidence is a big thing when pulling off the sexy vibes of Bonnie and Clyde. So, make sure to carry yourselves like you are above everyone else to really sell the costume.

Mermaid and Sailor

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? They have beautiful hair and tails and they get to live underwater. And according to Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid,” “Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter!” Well, Halloween is a great opportunity to make that childhood dream come true. Pick your favorite colorful bra or bralette and get a tail costume. Or just get a floor length tighter skirt to act as the tail. You can glue some seashells to some barrettes and clip them into your hair and add some sparkles or shells to your top for added effect. For your partner, get a sailor hat, a white button down (again, you can leave the top buttons undone to give more of a “have been working on the sea” look) or a blue and white striped shirt, and some white pants to be the sailor.

Firefighter and Dalmatian

This is a very popular couples costume idea, but it can come across as a little overdone. Make it your own by gender bending the typical costume assignments. Have the girl be the firefighter and the guy be the dalmatian! She can wear a black or red dress, (or some lingerie, like Twilight!) Put some bright yellow accents on the top and bottom and wear a firefighter hat. He can wear either all black or all white, and then add spots to the entire outfit. You can also add some ears to complete the look.

Group Costume Ideas

Celebrity Through Their Eras

This costume is where you can really get unique and creative with your friend group. Pick a celebrity that has had definitive eras look-wise. Some examples are Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, etc. Then, depending on how many friends you have getting involved in the group costume, each of you pick a look that represents each era of their career. For example, if you’re doing the different eras of Miley Cyrus, one of you dress as Hannah Montana, another one wear an outfit from her “Bangerz” era, another be Miley now, and another can wear an outfit from her “Can’t Be Tamed” era. This costume idea also makes for some fun photos!

Different Holidays

This is another one that is adjustable to your friend group size and for the level of sexy that you are each going for. Each of you pick a different holiday to dress up as. Christmas can either dress in green and add different “ornaments” to their costume, or you can go the “Santa Baby” route and wear a little red dress, add some white trim at the top and bottom, and wear a Santa hat. Valentine’s Day could go the sexy route too and wear some red lingerie and maybe a tutu with some angel wings. You can also add anything heart shaped, like the Heart Massager, which is perfect for a cold Halloween night, to complete the Valentine’s Day aesthetic. St. Patrick’s Day can deck out in green and gold, New Year’s Eve can wear lots of glitter and carry around a champagne flute. The options are endless! Get creative and bring out some unique holidays like Groundhog Day or National Ice Cream Day. There are lots of options for sexy versions of each of these costumes, and there is so much room for creativity!

Halloween is a great time to get together with your friends and show off your personality and creativity. These costumes will be such a hit that they will be able to make fetch happen. The Plastics will be asking to sit with you instead of telling you that you can’t sit with them. Let’s make Halloween 2022 the sexiest Halloween yet!

Kaitlyn Craig
Kaitlyn (she/her/hers) recently graduated in May 2022 from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s in English. She loves reading, writing, and crocheting (specifically stuffed animals!) She is from Paducah, Kentucky, and has worked for Pure Romance since July 2022. She is very passionate about talking about books and the various impacts they can have. She even has a podcast called "The NeverEnding TBR." She would love to one day be an author and create characters that can impact others the way her favorite characters have impacted her!