Pure Romance’s Amy Hoelscher thought she hit rock bottom. Until she realized the key to financial freedom lay within her Pure Romance home business.

Amy and her high school sweetheart-turned-husband Patrick were building a life together in Missouri. Amy ran an in-home daycare business, so she could stay home and raise the couple’s three children while working. Patrick worked for a company that was contracted by the government. Life was looking good for the couple and their growing family, with a baby on the way. Then the financial crisis of 2008 hit, and everything changed. Almost overnight, close to 75% of the family’s income was cut. Amy lost many of her daycare clients when parents, suddenly unemployed, no longer needed child care. Patrick’s company found itself without projects, and he found himself without a stable income.

It’s hard to imagine things getting worse, but the real desperation was just about to set in. No income means no money for things like bills, emergency and everyday expenses, and a house payment – which is the dire situation the Hoelschers found themselves facing when they returned home one day.

An ominous note taped to the door: that’s all it took for Amy to get inspired – and go to work.  The Pure Romance partner pack she’d purchased earlier, still sitting in the corner; the business that she never took full-throttle…it became her last-ditch effort to save her family’s house and return them to normality. And it paid off. Amy’s Open House party, which she held for the sole purpose of making quick cash for her house payment, saved her family’s home. That was all she needed to realize what an incredible opportunity sat in front of her, boxed up from Pure Romance. She never looked back.

How are Amy and Patrick doing today? Quite well. In fact, maybe a little better than well. Amy holds the title of two-time record breaker for annual sales within Pure Romance (in 2017, she sold over $231,000 worth of products!). Amy has been invited to serve on Pure Romance’s prestigious Senior Board of Directors, and holds the highest Partner Title in the company – Senior Executive Director. She’s the proud leader of the Show Me Romancers, a team that sold over $3 million last year. And, thanks to her business, her family has turned around their finances. She and Patrick even purchased a lot upon which they’re building their dream home – and will be virtually debt-free by the time they’re ready to move into it.

Yes, life is good at the Hoelscher house. “Pure Romance can change your life in so many ways, but you have to let it,” Amy says.

If you’re ready open your life to change, come learn what we’re all about.