“There aren’t enough days in the week” has never been more real.”

We interrupt your weekly scheduled sex routines to bring you something completely different: seven days of sex. Between work, kids, working out, running errands, and more, it’s common for sexy gestures to become a checklist item (“Yikes…we haven’t gotten down since last Thursday. I guess tonight works…”). But we’re not happy with check-the-box sex. So, we put together a list – quite literally, a to-do list – to guide your sexual escapades throughout the whole week. If you can meal-prep for 7 days, we’re pretty sure you’ll breeze through this.


Let’s ease into the week with massage. For the perfect massage, pair our body oil with our Heart Throb Heated Massager with bullets for a truly blissful experience. Let your hands wander a little, move your massage skills to your partner’s more private areas and watch the sparks really fly. We have a pretty good idea of what’ll happen next.


Wanna know what all the buzz is about on Tuesdays? Toys! Couples toys are the perfect addition to every bedroom – from c-rings designed for both of you to enjoy to clitoral vibrators that, with a little creativity, add new sensations for everyone, bringing a sex toy into the mix will make Tuesdays unforgettable. Oh, and don’t forget the lubricant!


It’s Hump Day (our favorite day of the week) and we think Wednesday calls for something taboo – let us introduce you to our Onyx collection, featuring steamy bondage accessories like a Crop, Teaser, Whip, Handcuffs, Blindfold, and Nipple Clamps. Pleasure, pain, and a whole lot of satisfaction will have you passing on that Hump Day happy hour and rushing home as fast as you can.


It’s almost the weekend – sounds like the perfect excuse for some Date Night action. The Date Night 2 card game from Pure Romance has all the right moves for a steamy night in. With three decks of cards that give you and your partner some, umm, helpful suggestions or let you write out your own fantasies and game rules, there are a lot of ways to play the game – and they all end in some serious action.


Or Foreplay Friday, as we like to call it, means it’s time for you and your partner to really focus on the warm up. The truth is, everyone can benefit from the pre-party – and this Friday, spend some extra time enjoying it. Add some Great Head to the mix to make oral flavors a whole lot sweeter; and a little O goes a long way – dab this on for to make every sensation more intense and every move more toe-curling.


Make this Saturday sensational with a little aid from Sensations by Pure Romance. Trust us when we say this lubricant is a sure-fire way to really crank the heat. The warming lubricant goes on cool; but add your hot breath or some friction and watch things heat up! Best of all, with a variety of flavors available, you’ll find one so decadent that you’ll find a new reason to stay in and share more than just lip service with your significant other.


While we still appreciate a good lazy Sunday, let us convince you to upgrade your wardrobe. Lounge around the house in lingerie or put something seriously sexy on under those sweats and snap a pic to your partner. The visual of you walking around in drop-dead-gorgeous lingerie will drive them wild – so be prepared for what comes next. When you both just can’t handle the heat anymore, get down to business on the couch, kitchen table, washer…however far you make it before the lingerie comes off.

After Sunday? For the first time, you’ll actually be looking forward to Mondays! If you want to keep it going after the first week, switch up the order or come up with some of your own steamy weekly traditions.