Meet April Nation, a Pure Romance Partner who’s on the rise in business and life!

Senior Director April Nation became a Partner in 2006 and quickly realized her part-time gig had potential to be even more than she thought. At the time, she was a single mom to two-year-old Nora, pursuing a business degree, and working a couple of janitorial jobs in the evening. She was swamped. After seeing what Pure Romance could do for her schedule, financial freedom, and more, April decided to take her business full-time and her life changed forever.

Today, this Colorado cutie is the leader of Bombshell Nation, a team of amazing women who are rocking their businesses just like their leader. April smashed another Record Breaking year in 2017 with more than $263,000 in personal Retail Sales and Group Sales surpassing $400,000! Top in Global Sales for the company, this Board of Directors member has big goals and is ready to make this year her best year yet!

Hello, Record Breaker 2 years in a row! What did you do with your business to make it happen again?

I eat, breathe, and sleep Pure Romance! I’m passionate about my business and I love sharing the product line with everyone. My customers know that they can reach out to me anytime if they have questions, concerns, or want to purchase. Customer service is key to a successful business!

We love that you’re a #goaldigger – what goals do you have for 2018?

For me, 2018 is all about personal growth and balance. Sometimes I get laser focused on one thing and forget to make time for the other important parts of my life. I’m making a detailed schedule this year that focuses on health, family, friends, my personal business, and team growth. It’s important to take care of yourself if you want to be truly successful and happy in every aspect of life.

Now that you’ve reached this point, what business tips would you give your past self?

Share the business opportunity from day one! I waited years to start building a team and that’s something I will always regret. You really do need to ask every single hostess – multiple times – if they’re interested in becoming a Partner. Always explain the many benefits to being a Partner; ONE is sure to grab her attention – whether it be the flexible schedule and incentives or making more money and purchasing product at a discount. It might even just be that she’s sick of working for someone else and wants to be her own boss! No matter what, I can’t stress it enough – share, share, share!

What product do you sell at every party?

Coochy! There’s a reason Coochy is a top-seller in the Pure Romance world, and the proof is in the pudding. Everyone wants soft, smooth, touchable skin! Coochy is the best because it leaves you free of razor burn and those unwanted little red bumps. Who wouldn’t want that? The answer is no one – and they all just keep coming back for more!

You’re a rock star mom to daughter Nora, and your team Bombshell Nation had an increase of over $35,000 in sales from 2016. How do you balance it all?

By setting a schedule and being consistent – balance is key! In 2017, I started scheduling team meetings on the last Sunday of each month and only scheduled parties on certain days of the week, so my daughter knew the days when I’d be home. I consistently book 12 parties each month and I always plan ahead by making sure my month is fully booked by the 1st of that month. Consistency is so important!

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