It’s warmer and warmer out, now that Spring has sprung. And what is a better way to put your best foot forward than by stepping up your daily routine? Read on for four must-haves that’ll have you feeling (and looking!) amazing this season.

  1. Body Boost

Everyone wants a youthful look, right? Get it with our all-over body firming cream. Infused with caffeine and botanicals, this cream helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone problem areas. Just massage it in like a lotion for hydration and firming. Add to bag? Yes, please.

  1. Hydrating Body Oil

Made in a variety of incredible scents, our silky body oil is perfect as we break out clothes with shorter sleeves and hems! If you didn’t already know, body oils are a great way to hydrate thirsty skin and get your glow on. The best part? Our body oils are not only packed with moisturizing ingredients, like coconut, jojoba, and argan oils, but also give your skin a soft sheen without a greasy finish.

  1. Bosom Buddy Cocktail Collection

Transport yourself to an exotic beach getaway this spring with our collection of three kissable gels in drink-themed flavors. Try on Mai Tai, Sex On the Beach, or Margarita and enjoy a tingle on your lips or nipples. They also moisturize with ultra-hydrating shea butter and botanicals. Wear just for you or put one on to give foreplay a seductive twist.

  1. Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

It’s time. You’ve gotta break up with that skin-drying bar soap for good. Instead, wash up with our twofer, available in a wide variety of scents, from Lavender & Chamomile to Love Story. If you didn’t know, shower gel gives you better exfoliation. Because shower gels are made to be rinsed off after a good scrub, you get an added level of exfoliation that helps keep dull, dry skin at bay.

After a winter of keeping your skin under wraps, it’s time to embrace the spring season with these skin-loving products. Know what you’re grabbing? Get all four or pick your favorites! Any pick from our must-haves is sure to shake up your routine.