Meditation is a common practice where an individual uses mindfulness or focusing techniques to achieve improved states of awareness, calmness and emotional stability. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as a homeopathic remedy for an improved quality of life. We commonly think of meditation as sitting alone in a quiet room, non-judgmentally allowing our thoughts to come and go. Sexual meditation still centers around the practice of mindfulness, but it can be done with a partner and can offer some big rewards (you know what we mean).

Dr. Michael Krychman, the Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Help and Survivorship Medicine, says one reason sex short-circuits is distraction.

“Staying focused on sexual pleasure arousal responses or your partner during sexual interludes can help enhance and intensify the experience! Practicing mindfulness and focusing on your body will undoubtedly improve your sexual experiences,” Dr. Krychman adds.

Sexual meditation is garnering more attention in the media, like in BustleGlamour and Psychology TodayRecent studies have shown that women (and men) who meditate have better sex lives. This is possible because the practice of mindfulness helps us reduce distraction. Sexual meditation allows the individual to be fully anchored in the here and now, using sex as a tether to the present experience.

Sex therapist Renée Burwell says sexual meditation can be especially powerful and life-changing when you do it with a partner and a guide.

“It is even that more vulnerable doing such an activity with a partner and guide who are completely focused on you and your experience, and who all care about you, your experience, your pleasure and awareness.  It is known to help partners become greatly connected, to help women become more connected to their bodies and more orgasmic.  It is even known to release built up trauma within the body,” Burwell says.

Stress can cause pain during sex and incite preoccupations and worries. When our stress response is activated, it can be difficult to become aroused. Mindfulness activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps create balance in your stress response. Because meditation improves your focus, all of your senses become more enhanced. A stroke of the inner thigh and a long deep kiss become even more intense. Sexual meditation can also improve the closeness and connection with your partner. The increased awareness of your partner’s presence allows you to connect in a more meaningful way.

Enough already. We’re ready to try it ourselves and we bet you are too!