Around Valentine’s Day, many of us start working on upping our sexy factor. With that in mind, we wanted to dig into what U.S. city is the sexiest and how it all shakes out just in time for the most romantic time of the year. And hey, it may have some of us considering a relocation plan in the near future!

To find the sexiest city, Pure Romance scored online product sales and net regional sales through active Partners around the country. I’m not joking when I say it was a lot more data than usual. Sex toy sales were up 49.7% in 2020 (I’ll give you one guess why). In 2020, Pure Romance sold 933,000 toys.

And here’s the reveal of the U.S. city with the highest number of toys, wellness and beauty products sold in 2020 (drum roll please) …

“Based on our sales of relationship enhancement products by our 45,000 Partners, Detroit is the sexiest city in America,” said Chris Cicchinelli, Pure Romance CEO and President. “It just reflects that during the past year, we have been spending more time at home and many of us have taken advantage of that time to rekindle relationships.”

Now, we would be remiss if we just kept this list at the U.S. cities when one territory clearly has got it going on! Puerto Rico is the sexiest of them all! In 2020 alone, $21 million in Pure Romance wellness products and toys were shipped to the island region. So, it’s safe to say, they may be the sexiest of them ALL, if we want to get technical.

When the pandemic hit, most people realized how important it is to maintain sexual connections. Now, it’s scientifically proven just how important those connections are. The Indiana University School of Public Health took a survey during the first month of the pandemic. It found that adults could fight depression and loneliness during shutdowns by maintaining social and sexual connections.

Those who maintained frequent in-person… social and sexual connections had better mental health outcomes,” according to the study, conducted through the Indiana University School of Public Health and supported by the IU Office of the Vice President for Research and Pure Romance.

People aren’t just focusing on taking care of sexual wellness. They’re also taking the time for self-care. Two of the three top selling Pure Romance categories were beauty and bath products last year.

“Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves time for self-care because we feel we’re being selfish,” said Patty Brisben, Pure Romance founder. “Sometimes you might do a better job if you take 10, 15 minutes, a half hour, to yourself. You’ll do a much better job if you give back to yourself.”

Take a look at the full list below: