Taurus Characteristics:

Tenacious, Loyal, Heartfelt

Taurus Dates:

April 20th- May 20th


If a six-hour long bath sounds like heaven, you might be a Taurus. If a decadent dessert spread along with champagne sounds like a regular Friday night, you might be a Taurus. And, if a luxurious hot stone massage is just the thing to put you in a good mood, guess what? You’re definitely a Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign represented by the untamable, majestic, and headstrong bull.

Taureans know the importance of relaxation, diverting experiences, and the ever-present feeling of love. Your greatest success this year will come from trying new things. This is your year for new headspaces, new experiences, and new people.

Friends to Lovers?

A classic romance trope is perfect for the person whose life is already like a novel. Consistency and reliability are two traits you value above all. Who is more loyal and reliable than a friend? The combination of Venus in inquisitive Aquarius to start the year put you in an experimental mood and took you out of your conservative perspective. Stay in that headspace! Look into that friendly crush, and start to view your friendships in a different light. You just might find a deep connection that can turn into an everlasting love.

Take a Day Off

We don’t need to tell you the importance of a mental health day. You know the value of a dollar and work hard to create an enjoyable lifestyle for yourself. Consider this your reminder to take a day off, have a glass of wine, and indulge in some self care products. Maybe it’s a new set of lounge wear that’ll make you feel like the queen you are. Maybe it’s a bubble bath with indulgent aromas and soothing ingredients. Or, maybe it’s a high-tech vibrator that’ll take your breath away. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

Express Yourself

Concealing your emotions is not in the cards during the upcoming full moons and lunar eclipses of the season. Keeping your feelings bottled up will only lead to an explosion of rage, frustration, and most likely, tears. Others will be able to feel your strain. Give yourself the grace and tools to express your feelings in a productive manner. You’ll be a better communicator and partner at the end of it.

Get Exploring

Like we said, this is your year for new headspaces, new experiences, and definitely new positions. You’re a voracious lover with an endless appetite. A pleasure seeker, with all kinds of pleasure in mind. Every bit of your life should be luxurious and that includes your love making. Bondage and roleplay might be the right avenue for exploration. Whether you’re doing the tying or getting tied up, bondage can be a great way to let go of ambitions and explore new headspaces.

This is your year of “new.” It’s your choice whether that is a new lover, new kink, or new ways to explore your sexuality. The choice is yours.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

social media coordinator
Vivien Fisher (she/her/hers) is a social media coordinator and blog writer for Pure Romance. She loves covering topics like sexual health, lifestyle trends, and anything related to television and film. Her interests include spending time with her pet rabbit Bernard, creating amusing and educational content for the Pure Romance platforms, and exploring all that Cincinnati has to offer.