Want to turn up the heat on your sex life? Here are our top 10 tips for better sex right now.

No one has a perfect sex life. Now, before you get all defensive, know that this isn’t an accusation at all. It’s more of a general observation, after our years of hearing “I wish my partner would…” or “I would like to try… ” There’s no shame in that! Wanting to try new things or open a dialogue with your partner is the way to keep your sex life from become boring and routine. The best news is that there are some simple ways to turn it up a notch. So, if you need some tips to spice things up, here are ten ways to have better sex right now.

Find a new time slot.

You don’t have to wait until bedtime to have sex. Skip dinner, let your DVR record your shows, take your lover’s hand, and head to the bedroom. We promise “The Big Bang Theory” can wait.

have a quickie.

Like sprints are more exciting than marathons, sometimes the hottest encounters are the fastest ones! Make the magic happen when you’re under a time crunch, such as before you leave for dinner or when the in-laws are scheduled to stop by. The heightened urgency adds extra excitement.

tell your partner what you want.

The Spice Girls were on to something: Tell him what you want, what you really, really want. You can be direct and sexy without talking dirty (unless dirty talk is what you want)! Your partner is not a mind reader, so giving a little direction will help you get the hot sex you crave.

keep your clothes on.

Build anticipation by leaving your clothes on as long as you can stand it. Delaying gratification will create a buzz that reaches a fever pitch when you finally strip down.

try a new position.

Having missionary sex every night is like eating cereal for dinner: it’s adequate, but there’s nothing really exciting about it. Bring something new to the table. If you need some help coming up with new bedroom recipes, check out a sex-position book or website.

go blind.

Remember that movie “Daredevil,” where Ben Affleck played a blind superhero whose other senses were so enhanced that he could fight crime? Yeah, we don’t either. But it’s true that taking away one of your senses can awaken the others. Try wearing a blindfold and take in the scents, feelings, and tastes you’ve been missing.

banish the bedroom.

An easy way to have better sex is to change the location. Ditching the bedroom could loosen up your inhibitions to try new things. Feeling extra naughty? Take your romp outside (just make sure you’re well-hidden from any nosy neighbors).

set the stage.

Make a passionate night an event. Dim the lights, burn some candles, and play your favorite mood music so your partner knows you have a special night planned (just try not to knock any candles over. A burning bedroom is not sexy.).

know your hot spots.

Masturbating regularly keeps you in tune with what turns you on. Plus, an easy way to spice things up with your partner is to have a sexy game of show-and-tell. As your lover looks on, touch yourself just how you’d like to be touched, and describe exactly what gets you hot. Everyone appreciates a lesson in love!

breathe deep.

Turn “om” into “O”! Taking yoga-style belly breaths can help you control your orgasm and make sex last longer.

Use any (or all) of these tips to help you and your partner have better sex – and maybe while you’re at it, you’ll find some exciting new surprises that turn you both on. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get busy!

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