Meet Melissa Messenger, one of the top Pure Romance Partners who has used her business to unlock the work-life balance she loves!

When it comes to a good work-life balance, the odds aren’t in our favor. Think about this: a majority of Americans work more than 47 hours a week. Gone are the days of the 40-hour work week and 9-5 bliss. It gets a little less uplifting when you find out that only 13% of American workers like their jobs. Simply put: a majority of the U.S. workforce is spending more time at work, less time at home, and they’re pretty miserable about it. Now, here’s the good news: that doesn’t have to be everyone’s reality. Meet Melissa Messenger.

This Wisconsin-based Pure Romance Executive Director has been operating her own business for over 15 years. During her career, she has earned the highest Title in the company. She has built a multi-million dollar team. And, she has earned her spot on the Executive Board of Directors, the highest prestigious position a Partner can earn. It’s clear that Melissa works hard. But, she gets to play hard too, and she does it all on HER schedule.

“The flexibility–not setting the alarm clock–is my favorite thing in the entire world,” Melissa mentions. From enjoying daytime Zumba classes, to the ability to pack up and go with her husband Don and their RV (that she was able to buy thanks to her Pure Romance business, thankyouverymuch), Melissa knows firsthand that work and play can go hand in hand.

Since starting her own business nearly two decades ago, Melissa and Don have made it a priority to enjoy the fruits of their labor now, rather than wait until retirement. They travel whenever they want. They have built a beautiful home. They’re saving for their future. And everything (yup, everything) is paid off. It’s clear that Melissa Messenger is proof that it’s possible to do what you love, while loving what you do…when you take advantage of the right opportunities!

No matter what your goals – saving money, paying off debt, enjoying a flexible schedule – are, Pure Romance has an opportunity for every woman.

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