July 22-August 22


Bold. Warm. Loving.

2021 Sexscope

This is your time to shine, Leo! Romance planet Venus and sexy planet Mars will be in a conjunction aspect throughout the end of July. So, be bold and chase what you want. These planets only meet in the zodiac once every two years, so now is the time to find new love. Let your fiery side out and dazzle with your captivating personality.

Just one day after Leo season begins, we’ll see a full moon. While the sun rules the season, we’ll get inspiration from the moon to embrace the opposite of the “all about me” attitude and focus more on our partners and BFFs. Strive to strengthen connections in your circle. You’ll get another chance to do this at the end of Leo season, with a rare second full moon. This closing act will be emotionally charged, so let your authenticity shine.

Afterglow Flirt

One way to show your inner sparkle, is to literally sparkle! Apply Afterglow Flirt for a sheen of seduction as you entrance those around you with your charismatic personality. The Truly Sexy Flirt fragrance will also leave a tantalizing scent for yourself (and others) to enjoy. Apply before a first date to make the unforgettable entrance you deserve!


There’s nothing more exciting than beginning a new relationship. Ensure that energy remains in the bedroom with the warming clitoral gel Excitemint. Whether you’re focusing on just yourself or adding a partner into the mix, just a dab of this powerful gel will increase every sensation.

Me First

An undeniable fact of being a Leo is the need to focus on yourself. Why not invest in a wearable finger vibrator that can be used alone or with a partner? Me First fits over your finger and delivers three vibrating speeds and nine pulsing patterns. Satisfy your deepest desires with this powerful vibe. Or use it on your partner. The choice is yours!