Sagittarius Dates

November 22nd-December 21st

Sagittarius Characteristics

Adventurous. Playful. Adaptable.

2021 Sagittarius Sexscope

You’re a dynamic soul. A perfect blend of passion, curiosity, playfulness, and an intensity that people find both exciting and spine-tingling. You refuse to be held down by just one description, because it doesn’t do your character justice.

The Sagittarian isn’t one to shy away from adventure, but instead you take on new challenges and discoveries head on and with an air of confidence. Your quest for knowledge knows no bounds and you are sure to make friends and lasting relationships wherever you venture.

Keep up positive thoughts this month, Sagittarius. Your internal monologue will have a great impact on your spirit. Remember to focus on the positive and stop thinking about your flaws. Take this month slowly and rediscover yourself with some self-care.

Challenge Yourself

What’s the one thing you’ve wanted to take on, but have been too scared? Maybe it’s a new career move, a new skill, a new mindset, or maybe it’s a new person. Whatever it is, now it’s time to make your move. Move one step closer to the person you want to be and refuse yourself the excuses you once gave.

Try Something New

Your adaptability and flexibility make you desire change in all areas of your life, especially your love life. You are far from ready to settle down. You’re an adventurous spirit that resents boundaries and doesn’t want to be limited to just one person or just one sex position. The Sagittarian is after all an adventurer, so why not try a toy named and created with you in mind. If you’re looking for something both you and your for the moment partner can enjoy, there are a plethora of sex positions just waiting to be explored.

Encourage Your Playful Side

It won’t be shocking to hear that your intensity and confidence can be intimidating. It’s time people saw the lighthearted and fun-loving creature you truly are! Make play part of your day. Whether you’re playing alone, with a partner, or are out for a night of escapades and lasting memories, remember to enter every situation with a positive mindset and high spirits.

 Keep Your Partners’ Feelings in Mind

Long, heartfelt goodbyes aren’t really your thing. You’re focused on keeping things casual, meeting new people, and having meaningful, yet short-term connections and there’s nothing wrong with that! You’re focused on what’s best for you and your overall well-being and a long-term relationship just isn’t in the cards. Remember that people do not always share your views of free flowing and unrestricted relationships. Make time to nurture your partners’ feelings and make sure you’re on the same page about the status of your relationship.

Keeping things casual is your bread and butter. Sample what the dating world has to offer and in return, show what you have to offer the dating world. Be compassionate with yourself and with others. Have an adventure, just do so with your health and safety in mind.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

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