Aquarius Dates: January 20th-February 18th

Aquarius Characteristics: Visionary, Intelligent, Original

This is the year you grow into the best version of yourself! The planetary movements mean you will have positive outcomes, both professionally and socially. Saturn works to ensure you take responsibility for every choice, every action, every emotion, and every word you speak. You are quick to take responsibility for your actions but tend to stick by your words as the final truth. Saturn also ensures you become the rule follower, not just societal rules, but rules that connect us deeper to our inner workings, our soul. Saturn will bring many challenges this year, but challenges sure to make you grow.

Play the field

Your independence is a major part of your identity. This year may not be the right time to settle down and give your love to solely one person. You have so much love to give and it shouldn’t be limited to just one person. Get out there and date! Get to know yourself better, figure out the kind of love you need from your significant other, and, most importantly, explore what kind of love you want in the bedroom. Want to get to know yourself better? Invest in a toy that will help you explore your passion.

Plan a trip with friends

Do yourself and your girlfriends a favor and plan a trip! Sometimes friendships can take a backseat. With work and family being the two greatest pillars in your life, your friends might find themselves missing your presence. A girl’s trip is just what the doctor ordered. Take control of the planning and schedule of events and fill the itinerary with original and unique events that will make the trip one for the books.

Read yourself

On a good day, your energy is focused and exuberant. You’re ready to network, flirt, and make new connections that will benefit your personal and professional life. On a bad day, you like to pick fights and stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and sharing your opinions a bit too freely. Connect with yourself before you connect with others. Understand that it’s ok to be in a bad mood, just don’t let that mood affect others. Not every social event that comes your way needs attending. Remember to give yourself the time you deserve to wind down and refuel. Maybe say no to that third night out in a row and relax in a nice bubble bath that lets your worries float away.

Find your cause

You have an unmatched sense of duty when it comes to political, social, and environmental issues. You want to make the world a better place and use your people skills for good. Continue on your path, use eco-friendly products, and remember to support the issues you’re passionate about, and not necessarily all issues. You can’t save the world alone, but you can make it a better place for the people in your circle.

Remember, you’re an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. When you put your mind to something, the only person stopping you is yourself. Focus on the people that deserve your love this year and you will get it back tenfold.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

social media coordinator
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