We’ve partnered with Book+Main to have a few Romance novelists write short stories that incorporate Pure Romance Parties or Products over the coming months. This is our December edition. We hope you enjoy!

A Good, Old-Fashioned Chanukah Pegging
A Small Change Holiday Short by Roan Parrish

“Should we open them at the same time so you’re distracted?”
“Yes, definitely.”
I ripped into her present as she ripped into mine.
For a moment I wasn’t sure what I was looking at.
It was a small, gray blob with a ring at the end.
Then I realized the packaging of her gift said Pure Romance just like mine did.
I flipped it over. Prostate Massager it said on the back of the package.
“Oh, jeez,” I said at the same time as Ginger said…

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From the Author about her Pure Romance inspired story:

Ginger Holtzman is a prickly, angry, sensitive tattoo artist. She thought she wouldn’t be able to welcome love into her life without giving up a part of herself. Then she meets Christopher Lucen, a confident, kind chef who—surprise!— loves her for exactly who she is. Small Change is told from Ginger’s point of view, so I wanted to write a story from Christopher’s point of view so we could learn more about him, and see Ginger anew through his eyes. As everyone who’s read their story knows, Ginger loves Chanukah. What better way to celebrate than with eight—or in Ginger’s case, eleven—days of hot sex?!

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