In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming and fast-paced, a strong connection with your partner should be a source of joy and comfort. Establishing healthy communication and exploring new avenues of intimacy are essential for maintaining a thriving relationship. A great way to approach this is to focus on fun so that connecting with your partner never feels like a chore.

One place to start focusing is foreplay – an essential part of any romantic encounter. It sets the mood, builds anticipation, and helps partners connect on a deeper level. But sometimes it can be tough to come up with new and exciting ways to spice up your foreplay routine. That’s where gamification comes in.

Gamification is the practice of applying game design principles and mechanics to non-game contexts. In the context of foreplay, gamification means using games and challenges to make the experience more engaging and enjoyable for both partners.

Games are powerful tools for developing understanding, respect, and passion between partners. One of the benefits of gamifying foreplay is that it adds an element of playfulness to sexual encounters. When we play games, we’re often more relaxed, creative, and open to new experiences. This can help us let go of our inhibitions and connect in a more playful and lighthearted way. Moreover, gamifying foreplay can help partners communicate desires and preferences more effectively as well as take turns navigating each other’s bodies and experimenting with different techniques. This creates a safe, non-judgmental space for partners to explore their sexuality and learn more about what turns each other on.

So, how do you gamify foreplay? There are countless ways, depending on your preferences and comfort levels.

  • Intimate Questions: Take turns asking questions that encourage vulnerability and understanding. By diving into deeper conversations, you’ll strengthen your emotional bond.
  • Sensory Adventure: Blindfold one partner and use various objects or textures to stimulate their senses. This game allows you to explore your partner’s reactions which builds trust and enhances sensuality.
  • Naughty Dice: Roll the dice to determine playful actions and locations. This game adds an element of surprise and spontaneity to your intimate moments, keeping things exciting and fresh. For example, rolling a four may require one partner to kiss the other’s neck, while rolling a six may require the other partner to perform oral sex.
  • Flirty Card Games: Assign a sensual task or challenge to each card. For example, one card may instruct one partner to give the other a sensual massage, while another may ask both partners to experiment with different sex positions, or guide you to explore sensation play using cooling and warming creams or gels that heighten sensitivity.

If you love DIY projects, creating the game together could be an erotic experience in itself.  If you aren’t sure you have enough ideas to create your own game there is no shortage of expertly crafted games on the market. Hot Date Night is a brilliant option, as it has 100 cards to choose from with varying levels of intensity, making it perfect for any level of exploration you are up for. The deck encourages consensual and respectful play by including passes in the game. While exploring new sexual territory is thrilling, there is a difference between a gentle nudge to try something new and pushing past boundaries. Communicating boundaries and preferences before game time can maximize fun and comfort for both parties.

Gamifying foreplay can be an exciting and enjoyable way to connect on a deeper level. By adding an element of playfulness and creativity to the experience, partners can explore each other in a new way, all while having fun. So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?

We encourage you to share your experiences and positive outcomes with us. Have you tried any of these games or products? How have they impacted your relationship? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Dalia Kinsey

Dalia Kinsey

Dalia Kinsey is a queer Black Registered Dietitian, keynote speaker, the creator of the Body Liberation for All podcast, and author of Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation. On a mission to spread joy, reduce suffering, and eliminate health disparities in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community, Dalia rejects diet culture and teaches people to use nutrition as a self-care and personal empowerment tool to counter the damage of systemic oppression. Dalia works at the intersection of holistic wellness and social justice, continually creating wellness tools and resources that center the most vulnerable, individuals that hold multiple marginalized identities. Dalia’s work can be found at